Connect & Explore

We are invited to meet monthly in order to deepen our relationship in the parish and explore questions of faith.

What would we like to explore? Half of all respondents indicated a desire to look at "Prayer & Spirituality" closely followed by "Growing in confidence as a Catholic". Just under a third wanted to look at Catholic Beliefs, and a quarter to look at a theme across different books of the Bible.

From January 2017, we will have three "Connect & Explore" Groups.

One will be on Monday evenings, in the Small Hall, continuing the work of the established "Call to Question" group, but with an invitation to new members to join.

The other two groups will run in the Church straight after Mass, on Mondays at 10.30 am and Wednesdays at 7.30 pm.

Dates for the first half of 2017:

• 16/18 Jan
• 13/15 Feb (early to avoid half-term)
• 20/22 March
• 24/26 April (late to avoid Easter holidays)
• 15/17 May
• 19/21 June
• 10/12 July (early to avoid end-of-term leavers' Masses)