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MASSES and SERVICES this week: (for other local weekday Masses check newsletter at 3 Churches)

Saturday 17 March 5th Sunday of Lent, Year A readings
4.45 p.m Confessions to 5 p.m
5.15 p.m Mass Betty Millar’s intentions
Sunday 18 March 5th Sunday of Lent. Year B readings
10.30 a.m Mass Frances Meighan RIP signed
Monday 19 March S Joseph, husband of the Blessed Virgin Mary
10.00 a.m Mass Mary Cadby RIP
10.30 a.m Adoration To 3.30 p.m
Tuesday 20 March Tuesday, Week 5, Lent
7.30 a.m Mass Kevin Jose birthday
10.15 a.m Adoration To 3 p.m
Weds 21 March Wednesday, Week 5, Lent
10.15 a.m Adoration To 3 p.m
1.15 p.m Funeral Service Don Cremin RIP
6.30 p.m Rosary With Couples for Christ
7.00 p.m Mass Frank Fuller RIP
7.30 p.m Confessions With Stations of the Cross
7.30 p.m Holy Hour For the Unborn, in the Prayer Room
Thursday 22 March Thursday, Week 5, Lent
10.00 a.m Mass In church, with St Bernadette’s pupils
10.15 a.m Adoration To 3 p.m
5.45 p.m Holy hour Confessions 6.15 – 6.45
7.00 p.m Mass Cecelia Catapang RIP
Friday 23 March Friday, Week 5, Lent
7.30 a.m Mass Victims of Abuse
10.15 a.m Adoration To 3 p.m
Saturday 24 March Palm Sunday
4.45 p.m Confessions To 5 p.m
5.15 p.m Mass Thanksgiving FG
Sunday 25 March Palm Sunday
10.30 a.m Mass People of the Parish signed
1.30 p.m Adoration To 3 p.m